Ilanka, an eightteen-year-old shopaddict

creative, tall and always wearing high heels girl from the Netherlands. I made this blog because fashion is my first intrest. Here I'll posted my looks, inspiration, latest buys, tips and more. I live in Rotterdam, with my parents and my older brother. At the moment I'm still a student, I do theater and work in a shop that does workshops in being creative in recycling. Every euro I earn, I spend on clothes, shoes, purses and more. I shop wherever and whenever I can. You could say that I'm addicted.. I love.. anything highwaisted,color, personal style, lookbook, traveling, sushi, Iced caramelcoffee, Rotterdam, high heels, creativity, mascara, lipgloss, music, malibu cola, writing, jewelry, fashionmagazines and more..

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