stop and think.

" It seems that everybody around me lately is dealing with a kind of self destructive tendency.. and I am worry for the reaons why people just cant see with their own eyes how much damage they do to themselfs.

Is defenitely easier said than done  , but leaving a complicated situation is not harder than just that..leaving it. Being the lover, cheating, long distance relationships, lying to your parter, not being in love anymore, we know the odds for this situations to become a disaster are very high  and  yet we stay in them. I am not an acception, but my big question is why? why is it so hard to leave when we know that things are gonna end up bad?

We are self destructive in a way, I guess feelings , either hate or love give us a sence of being alive , I am tired of seeing people throwing their live away waiting for " that person" to love them back..waiting for him to leave his wife..waiting for her to stop seeong other men...for things to change, but things are not gonna change, we can control our lives and make a change but we cannot control others.

Scars makes us stronger..but we need to learn to use the learnings from this to become better persons and be in peace with ourselfs, time is a good healer but its like making a diet: you are not gonna get results until you take the decision one day to move on with your life. I got myself in complicated situations in the past and of course I got my heart broken. .( and saying  hardbroken is kind of an understatement) but things happen for a reason and I thank everyday for those sleepless nights, for those tears and for those fights, because I learned who I am,what I can take and what I can´t,  so being in peace with myself is all thanks to what I learned those days. I hope my friends leave the vicious circle..that they move on and learn to know themselfs and realize that we are  the masters of our own future, and we are blessed to have that  option,  but we cannnot make people change for our own convinience...

Love / Alex "


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